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Factory for area rug cleaning Manhattan New York

Satisfaction of customers in our area rug cleaning result made our team most needed in the vicinity of Manhattan. Our professionals are always ready to help you in cleaning your area rug as you wish. Other area rug cleaning company in and around Manhattan can't challenge us in delivering expert area rug cleaning result. We have been in our field of area rug cleaning for more than 20 years. This much of experience helped in increasing the confidence level of our workers.

Inspection before cleaning and dust removal process

Pre-inspection helps to understand the nature of your area rug fiber and characteristics of its dye. This information can help our area rug cleaning team in determining the suitable cleaning technique which has to be applied to clean your area rugs. Thus our company can offer a healthy area rug cleaning process.

Area rug is one of the expensive house hold materials. So you have to care it in an efficient manner. It will not be easy for you to remove all the deeply trapped dust particles from your area rugs. So it will be wise for you to transfer the area rug cleaning task to safe hands of Factory for area rug cleaning Manhattan New York. Our professionals can remove all the dirt from your area rugs easily. Our dust removal process is very powerful in cleaning your area rug in a professional manner.

Washing of your area rug

Our area rug washing helps to completely clean your area rugs. For this, we use our exclusive area rug cleaning solution. This solution may contain vinegar, water and other cleansers. Our cleaning solution will go deep within your area rug fibers and extract all the dirt from it. We have effective washing process to remove greasy or oily stains from your area rugs easily.

Rinsing process

Rinsing process helps to remove all the residue from your area rugs at the final stage of cleaning. Rinsing process of our company can remove all the soap or shampoo solution from your area rugs along with impurities. Thus all the soils will be removed from your area rug.

Drying process

Our drying process can immediately obtain its result. That is, our drying process can dry your area rugs within hours, not days. Through our drying process, we can remove all the moisture content from your favorite area rugs. Typically our drying time take less than 24 hours. Thus we can place you in a moisture free zone.

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